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An estate planning tool that allows you to dispose of your property in an organized way after your death. Book your appointment today.

Why should I execute a will?

The will allows you to distribute your estate in an orderly fashion, both to your heirs and third parties to whom you want to give part of your estate.  Also, it helps avoid family conflicts, and minimizes legal fees.  

Who can I leave my assets to?

If you have forced heirs (children, spouse), the law provides for half of the estate to go to them. The other half is known as freely available, meaning it can go to the person or persons, or legal entities, that you desire.

Why should you execute your will with The Notary Lab?

AtThe Notary Lab we will provide you with complete guidance on the legal requirements and we will clarify your concerns. In addition, we provide home delivery service island wide so that you are in the comfort of your home for this important moment.

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