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Marriage contract

Define the financial situation in your marriage. Book your appointment today.

What are the marriage contracts?

It is a public deed granted before a notary that defines the economic regime of the marriage. In Puerto Rico, there are several to choose from: Joint Property, Total Separation of Assets, Community of Assets. In the absence of a marriage contract, Joint Property operates.

When can I make the marriage agreements?

Currently, in Puerto Rico, marriage agreements can be granted before (commonly known as the pre-nup) and after (also known as the post-nup) the marriage. That is, after you are married, the regime selected at the beginning of the marriage can be modified or changed. 

Why make your marriage agreements with The Notary Lab?

In The Notary Lab we will provide you with complete guidance on the legal requirements and we will clarify your concerns. In addition, we provide home delivery throughout the island so that you are in the comfort of your home.

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